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As we finish installing the brick veneer, EFIS and Metal Panels along the building perimeter, the 1616 Center interior is well underway and on schedule. The glass installation is in progress on the Kingston elevation. Interior walls are framed & insulated on all levels, finishing is in progress. Some of the milestones accomplished this past month included:

Camden Elevation: Installed Fire Suppression, brick and metal panel installation, EIFS detail and caulk

Kingston Elevation: EIFS final coat, Brick veneer, Exterior soffit framing, Glass installation

Parking Deck: Fire Suppression, Electrical fixtures,

Interior: MEP Rough In & Inspections, Interior metal framing & insulation, Common corridors & restrooms, Elevator installation, Fire Suppression

Next month you will see some interior finishes, fixtures and the framing for the ceiling system. This ceiling system includes ceiling clouds that will be built out of reclaimed lumber which framed the historic Charlotte Machine Company building. Additionally, reclaimed framing members have been cut down and delivered to a local artist who is sculpting the legs for the common conference room table.

Monthly Photo Highlights Include:

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