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Project Update:

With the receipt of the foundation permit on July 10, 2015, Edifice Inc. and Lithko Concrete Contracting, Inc. (Concrete Subcontractor) were able to get the Bürkert building structure underway in July.

Bürkert Aerial

This photo shows the 1st two weeks of progress on the Bürkert foundations through July 23, 2015.

By the end of July, the majority of foundations were completed and we began the plumbing and electrical underground installation in the front office area.  The full site approval allowed the storm drainage system to get back underway towards the middle of July.

Moving forward in August, the remaining underground plumbing and electrical will be installed along with the completion of the cast-in-place elevator shaft. Concrete slab-on-grade placement will start toward the middle of August, beginning with the front office area and working towards the warehouse space.

Other good news for the project is Charlotte Water began clearing and the necessary work for connecting the sewer line to the Bürkert Facility.

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