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Project Update:

Despite the gloomy weather the Bürkert building progressed well during October. The structural steel and roof deck for the main building were both completed. The exterior framing of the front office area neared completion at the end of October. This allowed us to get a good start on the exterior curtain wall, metal backer panels, and storefront systems. Also of note as a major milestone, the precast panel erection began on October 31, 2015. Work also continued on the drive roads to allow access for the delivery of the precast panels during the rainy weather.

The interior office area is currently being framed and the duct-work rough, plumbing rough, and electrical rough are all well underway. Piping crews from PC Godfrey have begun running the 4 pipe system in the warehouse area.

The site has been plagued by the rainy weather, but Energy United was able to extend their main power feed from the road to the building. Hence, establishing our ability to set the transformer in the near future and delivering more power for construction activities.

Bürkert Project Photos:

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Project aerial courtesy of Eddie Hartman, Corporate Images

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