Project Update:Click Here to view the live construction cam feed!

The Burkert project has taken off with full steam since the groundbreaking late last month. A pre-construction meeting with the county was held on April 7th for the Erosion Control phase.

Between the many rain showers in April, Edifice installed tree protection, erosion control measures and a sediment pond to capture eroded soil that is washed off during rain storms, protecting the water quality of a nearby streams and rivers. In addition, a full sized construction entrance was installed.

On the horizon for next month the following milestones are anticipated to be met:

  • Install sediment basins, structures and remaining erosion control measures.
  • Clear and grub remaining pad areas.
  • Mass grading of the site and building pad.

Overall Site: Erosion control fencing and start of topsoil stockpile

Overall building area looking North: Cleared spot to the left is the sediment pond area.

Sediment Pond Clearing

Construction Entrance

Hauling Topsoil to Stockpile

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