CPN of North Carolina Announces 2019 Award Winners

CPN of North Carolina Announces 2019 Award Winners

On Saturday evening, April 13, 2019, CPN of North Carolina celebrated their 21st annual conference at the Wild Dunes Resort, Isle of Palms, SC where members and guests in the construction industry were in attendance. During the conference, CPN presented both the Star Awards and the Kurt Ryback Memorial Service Award.


STAR AWARD WINNER | Mecklenburg County EMS Agency (MEDIC) Headquarters

Mecklenburg County EMS Agency (MEDIC) Headquarters was honored with a Star Award in the over $25 million category. The CPN Star Award is a symbol of excellence in construction and the selection is based on the merits and challenges of the project. In presenting the Star Awards, CPN honors both the projects and the CPN members who participated in completing the projects. The following CPN members participated in this project.  Edifice Project Executive, Chris Socha and Mecklenburg County’s Bryan Turner were also in attendance to accept the award.

  • Ron Almond, Optima Engineering
  • Henry Batten, Concrete Supply Co.
  • Tod Creech, Edifice, Inc.
  • Peyton Fairbank, HICAPS, Inc.
  • Phillip Hobbs, Alfred Benesch & Company
  • Louis Hoffman, Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc.
  • Zane Sharpe, Sharpe Images
  • Christine Quigley, Terracon Consultants, Inc.



Each year, CPN awards specific members of the organization who have dedicated their time, knowledge, and service to CPN of NC. The Kurt Ryback Memorial Service Award is given as a tribute and honor to charter CPN member Kurt Ryback.  This year’s winner was Edifice CFO, Tod Creech. Tod is the only two-time winner of this award and has served as a CPN & CPNI board member. As Treasurer he is instrumental in keeping the financial records for the organization of CPN and CPNI.

Congratulations to both Tod and the MEDIC team!

About CPN of North Carolina: 

CPN of North Carolina, Inc. is a statewide, non-profit organization of business and professional leaders who are involved with design, construction and related services. CPN was created to facilitate and encourage the association of outstanding professionals, executives, business owners and public officials related to the construction industry as a network of individuals who are a trusted source for information, advice and services, and who enhance opportunities for improving business.  CPN’S mission is to utilize our diverse expertise for the common good of the membership, industry and community. 


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