MEDIC Headquarters | January 2017

The MEDIC job site celebrated the new year with a flourish of activities both inside and outside of the new buildings.  The installation of the insulated precast panels was completed so the form of the new Fleet Maintenance and Vehicle Wash buildings quickly took shape.  In addition, preparations were made to finalize the underground plumbing and electrical rough-in at the Administration addition so that the slab-on-grade could be installed.  Subsequently, steel erection commenced in this area as well.  The installation of the site segmental block retaining wall is nearing completion along the new Morris Field Dr. Entrance.  The structural modifications to the existing building are coming to a close while roofing installation has progressed well in the warmer-than-usual weather.  Inside the existing building saw the commencement of overhead mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins as well as light-gauge metal wall framing.

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