A list of the project’s milestones and action items that have been completed within the last 30 days for the CFCC Humanities and Fine Arts Center project.

Construction Highlights Last 30 Days: CFCC

  • Installed House Carpet
  • Wood Caps on Metal Rails
  • Blow Open Lobby Doors
  • Installed Smoke Curtain
  • Punch List Exterior of Building
  • Punch List A/B 03/02
  • Final Cleaning
  • Finish High Lobby Work
  • Started Performance Lighting/Sound
  • Wood Flooring Installed
  • Sectional Doors Installed
  • Sealing Concrete Floors

Update for June 2015

Monthly Photo Highlights Include:

Click on the photos below to view the full photo. [hover category=”CFCCBlog_June”] 

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