Construction Highlights Last 30 Days:

  • Installed Exterior Concrete Paving in Courtyard
  • Installed Exterior Concrete Paving at Hanover
  • Installed Granite Curb on Hanover
  • Installed Curb & Gutter at 2nd Street
  • Primed and Painted Walls in Areas A/B/C
  • Installed Ceiling Grid Areas A/B/C
  • Demolition of House Scaffolding
  • Completed Framing on Levels 01/02 of House Ceiling Balconies
  • Completed Metal Panels on North/South Side of House
  • Overhead MEPS Roughed In A/B Areas
  • Curtainwall Framing Installed All Areas


Update for November 2014

Monthly Photo Highlights Include:

Progress on Courtyard Curtainwall

Concrete Paving of Courtyard

Mechanical Room in Area B – Level 02

Progress on Areas A/B:       Level 01 (left);  Level 02 (top right); Level 03 (bottom right)

Progress on Area C Level 01

Project Aerial: November 15, 2014

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