Project Update:Click Here to view the live construction cam feed! Christ Covenant Church

The recent rainy weather is a slight resemblance of the site conditions seen only a few months ago.  The difference is, now we are dried in with the brick veneer, stone masonry walls, and the windows are all installed! With the exterior of the building dried in, we shift our focus to grading for the sidewalks around the outside. Starting with the stairs on the East, then stairs on the west. After that we will start sidewalks and patios, beginning with the large patio at the lower level.

Inside the building we are in the finishing stages. Lights are on, HVAC system is operational, tile-work is complete, the elevator is installed, and our first coat of paint is dry. Our intention is to install ceiling tiles this week in order to start the point-up of walls. A major goal of ours is to install the kitchen equipment beginning June 1st. The preparation for this delivery and installation is something that we have been planning and coordinating for quite some time. In the lower level meeting rooms, we are installing audio and video infrastructure for the youth ministry.

Christ Covenant Church Monthly Photo Highlights:

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