Our Subcontractors trust us. Why? We have a proven ability to collaborate and communicate seamlessly in the field. By realizing the impact these relationships have on the overall budget and quality, we can ensure that the project is completed to the highest standards.

Our Process: We only collaborate with the strongest subcontractors – those maintaining a proven reputation in the field. Our strong following of loyal subcontractors has been the foundation for the successful completion of hundreds of construction projects.

For further assistance, information about our subcontracting opportunities, or if you are interested in becoming a pre-qualified subcontractor, please contact our pre-construction department at 704.332.0900 or click here to send an email.

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“Edifice’s project managers and field superintendents do a great job of communicating with all team members on a project and really facilitate a partnering relationship approach with all. As a subcontractor that has worked for Edifice over many years, I would strongly recommend Edifice.”

– Marsh Spencer, Executive Vice President
SteelFab, Inc.


“I wanted to just take a moment and say a few words as it relates to my experience working as a subcontractor for Edifice. My experience working with Edifice has been great. They truly embrace the team culture and concept and always try to create project environments where their trade partners can be successful. They understand the big picture when issues arise on projects. To work for a CM who understands that and does not create an adversarial working relationship is invaluable.”

- Ed Roper, President
NJR Construction
(certified minority & small owned business enterprise)


Huntersville Town Hall

Edifice is the Design Builder for the upcoming Huntersville Town Hall Project. The new Town Hall will be a four-story building containing approximately 53,000 square feet. The building will be a steel-framed structure with predominantly brick veneer and storefront windows, with multiple volume spaces serving town staff offices while also creating various public meeting and support spaces, including a new Town Chamber as well as a Community room. There will also be designated “shell” spaces to allow for future expansion as the Town continues to grow. Project Sitework will include the construction of a new Civic Plaza connecting the new building to the existing Town Center as well as development of the land across the street to assist with storm water treatment.

Edifice is seeking bids from prequalified subcontractors only.

Formal Trade Packages (prequalified bidders only):

04-001 Masonry
06-001 Woodwork
07-002 Waterproofing & Air Barrier
08-001 Doors and Hardware
08-002 Glass and Glazing
09-001 Drywall
09-002 Acoustical Ceilings
09-003 Flooring
09-004 Tile
09-005 Painting
21-001 Fire Suppression
22-001 Plumbing
23-001 HVAC
32-001 Landscaping

Informal Bid Packages

01-002 Final Cleaning
07-003 Metal Panels
07-004 Spray Fireproofing
10-001 Specialties
10-002 Signage
10-003 Canopies
12-001 Window Treatments
14-001 Elevators

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Huntersville Town Hall  |   Advertisement for Bids

Historic Iredell County Courthouse – Administrative Building Entry

Edifice LLC is the Construction Manager for the History Iredell County Courthouse in Statesville, NC.  Edifice is currently seeking to prequalify contractors for the subcontractor trades packages listed below.

Project includes the interior and exterior modifications to the existing administrative building entry at the Historic Iredell County Courthouse.  More specifically, interior renovations include the expansion of the upper lobby, renovating the existing boardroom and creating a separate reception area.  Exterior renovations include the installation of a new entrance stair, ramp, courtyard with an overhead canopy.  The secondary entrance renovations include new stairs with an overhead canopy.  In addition to the building renovations, site work includes demolition of an existing building foundation, installation of concrete retaining walls and the expansion/creation of new asphalt parking lot.

An Outreach and Public Information Session about the project will be conducted at Iredell County Government Center, 200 South Center Street, Statesville, NC 28677 on August 24, 2023, at 10:30 am. Prospective bidders and suppliers can meet the project team and learn all about the project at this meeting. Bid dates, schedule, and project timeframes will be discussed.  Attendance is not mandatory but highly encouraged for the networking opportunity.

Contractors are invited to pre-qualify for the following formal trade packages:  02-001 Demolition, 03-001 Concrete, 04-001 Masonry, 05-001 Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metals, 07-001 Roofing, 08-002 Glass and Glazing, 09-001 Drywall and Acoustical Ceilings, 22-001 Plumbing, 23-001 HVAC, 26-001 Electrical and Fire Alarm, and 31-001 Sitework.


Potential Informal Bid Packages: Work that will not be part of the formal bid process and will not require submitting a prequalification statement before bidding (but not limited to): 01-001 Final Cleaning, 06-001 Casework and Trim, 07-002 Sealants, Waterproofing and Air Barrier, 08-001 Doors, Frames, Hardware, 09-003 Flooring & Hard Tile, 09-005 Painting, 10-001 Specialties, 22-001 Plumbing, 32-001 Temporary Fencing.

Historic Iredell County Courthouse – Administrative Building Entry  |   Historic-Iredell-County-Courthouse-Prequal-Outreach-Advertisement