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“Edifice’s project managers and field superintendents did a great job of communicating with all team members on the project and really facilitated a partnering relationship approach with all. As a subcontractor that has worked for Edifice over many years, I would strongly recommend Edifice, Inc.”
– Marsh Spencer, Executive Vice President
Steel Fab, Inc.



Town of Harrisburg Fire Station #2

Edifice, Inc. is the Construction Manager for the Town of Harrisburg Fire Station #2. The new Fire Station #2 will be constructed to serve the Town’s northern area. This will be a one-story building that includes three bays, drive through apparatus floor, sleeping quarters, restroom facilities, locker room, kitchen / dining area, offices, exercise room, commons / living room area, a training room and a storage facility. Stewart Cooper Newell is the architect.

Edifice, Inc. is seeking to pre-qualify contractors at this time for Subcontractor Trade Packages for the Fire Station #2.  All pre-qualification forms should be submitted on or by December 8, 2017. Completed pre-qualification statements should be submitted to Edifice, Inc., Attention: Bryan Schaffer, 4111 South Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28209 or by email (bschaffer@edificeinc.com)

Town of Harrisburg Fire Station #2  |  Prequalification Advertisement

Town of Harrisburg Fire Station #2  |  Prequalification Form