Laurinburg City Hall and Police Department Facility

Laurinburg, NC

About the Project

The new, two-story, 20,000sf building replaced the old Laurinburg Municipal Building and houses the City’s police department, administrative operations and Council Chambers. The new building provides modern spaces for these teams that have enhanced security features and technology capabilities, and moved them into an ADA compliant building. The first floor was designed and built exclusively for the City’s Police Department, and serves as their headquarters. Their space includes holding cells, booking areas, crime lab space, interview and interrogation areas, evidence tech, offices, administrative spaces, fitness and locker rooms, roll call and conference areas, along with many other department support areas. A Sally Port area at the rear of the building has been included along with a separate, secured Evidence Storage Building. 


Edifice General Contractors built an amazing City Hall/Police Department facility for the City of Laurinburg that our Community takes great pride in. They made the difficult tasks of old building demolition, staff relocation, and constructing a multi-use facility easy for our Elected Officials and staff. It was a pleasure to work with Edifice’s professional staff from start to finish.

Charles D. Nichols III, City Manager
City of Laurinburg