Town of Davidson Town Hall & Community Center

Davidson, NC

About the Project

The project encompasses the revitalization of a 3-story historic landmarks building dating back to 1948, spanning approximately 32,200 square feet. Originally serving as an old school, the building has been transformed into a multifunctional Town Hall and Community Center, breathing new life into its storied architecture. The existing structure, characterized by its load-bearing masonry and brick veneer, has been meticulously preserved and enhanced to meet modern needs.

A pivotal aspect of the renovation involved the addition of a 4,200 square feet, 3-story annex, strategically positioned at the rear of the building. This addition serves as a vital hub for entry, accessibility (including the installation of an elevator), and restroom facilities, seamlessly integrating with the historic structure while offering contemporary amenities to visitors.

The renovation extends to the historic auditorium, a centerpiece of the building’s heritage. Here, meticulous attention has been paid to preserving its authenticity while enhancing functionality. This includes the installation of new auditorium flooring and floor lights, restoration and refurbishment of historic windows and seating, as well as the addition of a new stage main curtain. The original charm of the auditorium is further accentuated through the preservation and re-lamping of historic lighting fixtures, breathing new life into its timeless ambiance.

Beyond the building’s confines, enhancements to the surrounding landscape have been made, including the addition of hardscapes, paved parking areas, and sidewalks, improving accessibility and aesthetics. Lush landscaping, complemented by an irrigation system, adds a touch of greenery, creating a welcoming environment for visitors and residents alike. Through meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to preserving its heritage, the renovated Town Hall and Community Center stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of history and modernity.