Metrolina Park | December 2017

In this video you will see the progression of Building 5’s building pad. This 350,000sf foundation is being constructed in phases with six out of eight concrete pours completed. As the work progresses on the building pad our team is preparing for the next phase, constructing the forms for the cast-in-place tilt up walls. This will allow for a seamless transition into going vertical. In addition, site work and foundation work on Buildings 3 & 4 have begun. Building 3 is moving forward with the foundations set and the building pad preparation excelling. Site work continues on Building 4 and the foundations are planned to immediately follow.

The property in north Charlotte used to be home of the Metrolina Tradeshow Expo. Developed by Beacon Partners and designed by Merriman Schmitt Architects, the distribution park is being constructed in multiple phases and will consist of five buildings. The first phase included building 1& 2.

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