Metrolina Park | March 2018

In this video you will see the buildings at Metrolina Park are progressing seamlessly. Building 5 has the roof decking 90% complete and the roof material is loaded and starting to be installed. The future loading dock is undergoing a process called in-situ soil stabilization, blending concrete in with the soil to make it stronger. The remaining curb and gutter around the perimeter will follow. Inside the freshly primed exterior walls, the build out is shaping up with the HVAC system and interior framing being installed.

The roof decking for Building 4 is also in progress and the roof material will soon be loaded and the roof installation will begin next week. The electrical is being placed inside and the exterior walls are also being prepped and primed. Over at Building 3 the building pad is completed and the wall forms are currently being framed.

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