Uptown YMCA – “It Looks Brand New.”

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CHARLOTTE, NC – “The facility looks brand new!” shared Dennis Marsoun, longtime YMCA member and former board member.

Edifice recently completed extensive renovations at the Childress Klein YMCA. The uptown branch, located in One Wells Fargo Center serves over 7,500 people each year with over 1,500 members and guests using the facility daily.

Member comments helped to determine the decision to improve the facility, due in part to a growing demand as more people call uptown Charlotte home – the scope of the project renovations were also largely driven by member input, and directed by an active and informed volunteer facility committee.

“The feedback we have received is overwhelming, the majority of it extremely positive,” shared Joe Angelon, Executive Director for the branch. “We have longstanding members who have been coming to our YMCA branch since we opened 25 years ago – they are excited to see what we have done.”

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The updated 6,300 square foot lobby and new 1,900 square foot functional fitness studio, both visible from the Wells Fargo and Hilton corridors, make a striking impression to those passing by.

Complete renovation of the raised cardio floor now offers members additional equipment, which includes personal viewing screens and internet capabilities.  The renovations continue with updates to the strength training areas, gymnasium, as well as extensive renovations to both the men and women’s locker rooms.

New lighting, vibrant color and new specialty flooring throughout create an open and inviting space. Updates made to the fitness bar offer members an area to socialize, eat, or conduct business.

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Marsoun commended the Childress Klein staff and management stating that, “the incredible thing about the improvements is the branch never closed during these extensive renovations.”

Most days the branch opens at 5:00 am, and closes at 9:00 pm.

“The Edifice team worked really hard each night to get the necessary work completed to keep us on schedule, having us ready and back up for business at 5:00 am each day. I don’t think I can overstate how much of a challenge this was,” Angleon added.

“We were adjusting the scope of work and project timeline right up to the day construction started…we never knew what adjustments were going to be needed. I am truly impressed and thankful for Edifice’s ability to adapt and ensure that we remained focused on serving our members throughout.”

FWA Group Architects of Charlotte created the design of the new space. It is evident that the collaboration between the YMCA staff, FWA and Edifice played a large role in the success of these extensive improvements that members and guests can now enjoy.

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