Project Update:Click Here to view the live construction cam feed!

Despite the record breaking heat last month, the 1616 Center project team is continuing to work hard and securing the building envelope. The interior is beginning to gain some momentum as well with the MEP roughed in, interior metal framing and stair railings in place and the scaffolding set to install the CMU in the utility rooms.  Some of the milestones accomplished this past month included:

  • Started installing brick on the Camden Elevation
  • Completed EIFS details on the Camden Elevation and completed waterproofing and started EIFS insulation on the Kingston Elevation
  • Installed metal panels
  • Poured stairs #1 and #2
  • Completed the exterior soffit & metal framing
  • Window frame installation


1616 Center_3

Waterproofing complete, EIFS insulation in progress.

Framing in progress of the future restaurant

The basement walls were completed. The basement will house the building's trash room, storage and a bike rack room for tenants.

The brick being laid on the first floor.

The corner of the building showing the windows installed on the Camden elevation and framing in place on the Kingston elevation.

Interior framing on all levels in progress.



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