Project Update:Click Here to view the live construction cam feed!

Covenant Day schoolAt Covenant Day School, we have moved onto the finishing stages of the new high school inside and out. It has been 3 months since our last entry and boy can you tell a big difference.  Currently, we are working on the perimeter sidewalks and preparing the lawn for seeding as well as an irrigation system and landscape. The brick has been cleaned and we are starting construction on the two large canopies, one at the entry and one over the art rooms.

As you step inside the building you will notice the air conditioning system is fully operational. Ceiling tiles, grills, and lights are complete on the 2nd floor and underway on the 1st floor. Point up of sheet rock has begun, which means final painting is not far behind. The next few weeks are jam packed with activities, such as locker, casework, and glass handrail installation. We anticipate flooring to begin in the next 2-4 weeks, which will be a huge milestone and a key to completing the project.

Check back with us next time as we cross the finish line!

Covenant Day School Monthly Photo Highlights:


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