Managing COVID-19 at Edifice

This current COVID-19 situation is hard to understand but in light of the position so many world leaders have taken we want to address the needs and wellbeing of our employees, owners, and sub-partners.

The END to this threat will require:

    1. Working together to stem the spread of the disease (sanitization & social separation)
    2. Fast-tracking the development of a vaccine
    3. Development and distribution of the vaccine

This process will likely take weeks. We have the responsibility of item 1 (control the spread.) Pray for wisdom and energy for those responsible for items 2 & 3.


For our Employees:

  • Until a vaccine is available for everyone we should take reasonable measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Those who are sick should remain at home. Please contact your supervisor. Tod Creech and Phil Sanders can offer assistance for necessary work from home.
  • Those that need to care for children home from school can work with us to make arrangements for temporary work from home. Tod & Phil are available for assistance.
  • Those that are healthy and are working in the office are encouraged to limit close proximity to each other, wash hands regularly, and respect the cleanliness of our workplace.
  • Until further notice, we will suspend all “Town Hall” and Monday large group Operations and Marketing meetings.


For our Project Sites (Subs):

  • Anyone who has traveled internationally in the last 2 weeks is asked to refrain from our sites until cleared from the virus.
  • Anyone showing symptoms of sickness of any kind is asked to refrain from our sites until healthy.
  • Those on site are asked to limit close proximity, and respect the jobsite rules for cleanliness (please see Chris Gates for protective measures).


For our Owners:

  • While the progress and quality of the work on their projects remains a high priority, the safety and health of those that we rely upon for the work is at an unprecedented level of concern.
  • We will continue to progress the work as best as possible with the availability of a healthy workforce.
  • Regrettably, until COVID-19 is under control, we may experience a reduction in available manpower and tradesmen.
  • We request the patience and understanding of our owners as we do our best to work through this current circumstance and commit to resuming the highest level of productivity as soon as possible.
  • Project Executives/Project Managers/Superintendents: Please communicate these sentiments to each of your owners.

Please reference the Centers of Disease Control & Prevention website at for accurate information.


We remain committed to our responsibilities and plan to continue to serve our clients to the best of our abilities. It just may look different for a period of time. Thank you ALL for your commitment and diligence! This too shall pass!!


The Edifice leadership,

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